The Sanctuary

Chimfunshi is one of the largest and oldest chimpanzee sanctuaries of the world, with over 130 rescued chimpanzees, besides local wildlife such as vervet monkeys, yellow baboons and prey birds among others. Besides the rescue & rehabilitation of chimpanzees, Chimfunshi works to protect the Zambian local wildlife with their rescue, rehabilitation and following release in protected areas; further our anti-poaching team.

The Community

Chimfunshi sustains 70 families - about 300 people, 150 of whom are children. Our school brings education to over 170 students, teaching from Grade 1 to Grade 9. Besides our focus on education, Chimfunshi offers basical medical care to all the community through our Community Health Post, with a Clinical Officer and a Nurse/Midwife full time on site. Besides ours, the closest school and clinic are both around 20km away.

The Projects

Chimfunshi has evolved into a major centre for primate research including a volunteer program for those interested in contributing toward our activities

Sponsor a Chimp

With over 130 chimpanzees, Chimfunshi's budget just for their balanced and nutritious diet goes around $20,000 monthly. With your help by symbolically adopting a chimp, your annual donation of $120 or $10/month will provide the much-needed care for your adopted chimp. From their meals to their veterinary health care. Meet our different chimps up for sponsorship and make a ...
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Do you want to become a volunteer?

Develop your skills while understanding more about the challenges facing chimpanzees and making difference

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Help us continue to save more chimps and support the community making this possible

Over 130 chimpanzees and 300 people live, work and learn at Chimfunshi. Make a difference by donating to our on-going projects protecting the chimps and our work in the community

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