New Quarantine Facility

New Quarantine Facility

Over the last few months, eleven injured and traumatised chimpanzees have been rescued and given a new home at Chimfunshi. Some of these new chimpanzees required intensive medical care because of the suffering they had experienced prior to rescue. Before they could be integrated into one of the six chimpanzee groups, they had to spend several months in quarantine so they would not endanger the health of any of the other animals.

With so many new arrivals additional workloads are put on the veterinarian and the quarantine staff. Subsequently , the quarantine facility is operating at capacity. In order for Chimfunshi to be able to continue rescuing chimpanzees we urgently need another quarantine facility where new rescues can be observed, given treatment and learn to adjust into their new surroundings – safe from harm and in more species appropriate environment with outdoor areas, company of their own kind and staff to look after their needs.

The Solution

Construction of another quarantine facility

The objective is:

  • to be able to rescue as many chimpanzees as possible