Our Campaigns

Sponsor a Chimp

With over 130 chimpanzees, Chimfunshi's budget just for their balanced and nutritious diet goes around $20,000 monthly. With your ...
Raised: $0Goal: $17,000.00

Chimfunshi Community School

There are over 190 students enrolled in the Chimfunshi Community School. Without the school, the students would ...
Raised: $0Goal: $35,000.00

Outdoor Enclosures

The chimpanzees at Chimfunshi live in large, enclosed, open forested area within the natural Miombo woodland - each of ...
Raised: $0Goal: $130,000.00

New Handling Facilities

An additional handling facility is urgently needed for Enclosure 2 as the current building is not adequate for the ...
Raised: $0Goal: $60,000.00

New Quarantine Facility

With so many new arrivals additional workloads are put on the veterinarian and the quarantine staff. Subsequently..
Raised: $0Goal: $45,000.00