Solar Systems and Water Provision

Solar Systems and Water Provision

Chimfunshi employs 70 full-time staff and provides housing, medical care and education for the employees and their families. With 70 employees and their families the local community now supports approximately 300 people who live in five compounds around Chimfunshi.

The supply of electricity is provided to the Education Centre and surrounding community with a central solar power system. The aim is to equip each house with its own solar system, so that they each have their own family operational system, without the unreliability of the central system.

In addition, only two of the five compounds have a well to supply clean water. The area of Chimfunshi is 4,200 hectares, so some of the families have to walk long distances to get clean water.

The Solution

Chimfunshi intends to acquire and install solar systems for 40 houses and install three wells to supply clean water.

The objectives are to:

  • ensure the supply of electricity for 40 houses
  • ensure clean water for 3 compounds