Sponsor a Chimp

Sponsor a Chimp

By symbolically adopting a chimp, your annual donation of $120 or $10/month will provide the much-needed care for your adopted chimp. This complete care includes two fresh and nutritious meals of fruits and vegetables daily, veterinary health care, loving care from the staff, maintenance of their forested homes, and a protected environment to fulfil their lives.

Your adoption package includes:

Many of Chimfunshi’s chimpanzees were rescued chimpanzees from circuses and dilapidated zoos, rescued from poachers from the illegal bushmeat trade, found at local street markets where they were to be sold, or discovered by customs when being smuggled out of the country. The chimpanzees came from all over the world; Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. Most of the rescued chimpanzees have been abused, socially isolated from other chimpanzees and with no cognitive stimulation, traumatised, and need intensive care.

  • a photo of your adopted chimp with their history and personality profile.
  • a digital Adoption certificate.
  • Plus, if you are able to visit Chimfunshi in person, you will receive free entrance fees for up to 4 people, and 10% discount off your accommodation room rate.

Are you looking for a special gift?

Adopting a chimp for a special someone, family, or friends, adopting a chimp also makes the perfect unique gift to give a fellow primate for any occasion.

All money raised through our adoption scheme goes directly to pay for the care of the chimpanzees. Your compassion and generosity will help us provide our beloved residents a happy, healthy, and protected life.