01. The Sanctuary

Who is Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage?

Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage is a sanctuary for chimpanzees, located in Zambia’s Copperbelt Province. Chimfunshi started as a family-run wildlife orphanage, and today Chimfunshi is managed by a board of trustees to ensure the long-term sustainability of the sanctuary

How is the sanctuary funded?

Chimfunshi’s lead funding provided by Chimfunshi Germany and Chimfunshi USA – organisations  primarily setup to support the sanctuary. Additional funding is provided by way of generous public support, philanthropic donors, and foundation grants. You can also donate towards Chimfunshi’s programs here

Who are the founders of Chimfunshi?

Chimfunshi was founded in 1983 when a game ranger brought a badly wounded infant chimpanzee to the cattle ranch of David and Sheila Siddle. The Siddles nursed that chimp – named “Pal” – back to health, thereby establishing a tradition of care and respect that forms the legacy of the sanctuary.

How many chimpanzees live at the sanctuary?

Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage is one of the largest chimpanzee reserves in the world and is internationally recognised as such. Chimfunshi is home to over 145 chimpanzees, most of them living in 8 large forested enclosures, and as close to their natural environment as possible. In addition to chimpanzees, other rescued animals such as baboons, vervet monkeys, parrots, antelopes, owls, buzzards, sheep, peacocks, plus many more live at Chimfunshi.

How can I support Chimfunshi?

There are a number of ways you can help the chimpanzees at Chimfunshi. The sanctuary is a nonprofit organisation and we rely on donations to provide for the chimps. Please consider sponsoring a chimpanzee, making a recurring monthly or one-time donation, donating to our current projects or donating a much-needed item from our Amazon Wish List. You can also volunteer at Chimfunshi.

02. Visiting Chimfunshi

Can I visit Chimfunshi?

The Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage is not a tourist destination. However, visitors are welcome as long as they adjust themselves to the daily routine – animal welfare is our focus.  Also, if you are interested in visiting, you should announce yourself beforehand. If you want to stay overnight, we offer rooms for 1 to 10 people, as well as two large tents for up to twenty people. Book your visit here.

How do I get to Chimfunshi? Is transport available?

Visitors to Chimfunshi need to have their own transport to travel around the sanctuary.  From the Education Centre where the reception, gift shop, and visitor accommodation facilities are located; the chimpanzee enclosures are 4.5kms away.  If you wish to visit the orphanage and a chance to personally meet Chimfunshi’s founder, Sheila Siddle, the orphanage is located 8 kms away.  Chimfunshi offers a transfer service from and to Ndola, Kitwe and Chingola – contact us for more information.

Is mobile or Internet communication available at Chimfunshi?

Please note that due to our location, Chimfunshi has limited mobile phone reception. Airtel is available around the Education Centre and accommodation area. There are “hot spots” where you may be able to connect to the MTN and Zamtel networks. Chimfunshi offers an Wi-fi internet hotspot service for visitors. You can purchase a Wi-fi voucher from our gift shop.

What are the approximate Travel times to and from Chimfunhsi?

Travel time from Lusaka – 9 hrs, Ndola – 4 hrs, Kitwe – 3 hrs, Chingola – 2 hrs.

Is there electricity at Chimfunshi?

Chimfunshi is powered entirely by solar energy. When there are many visitors, power is likely to run out by 18:00 hrs, so we strongly recommend you bring a head torch, torch or candles.